About Skyfun

SKYFUN is a full-service entertainment equipment company. The founder of the company, Mr. Sky Liang, has over twenty years of experience in this field. The company has expertise in all aspects of entertainment equipment including R & D and manufacture of VR equipment, creative game center design, profits systems and special control systems in the sector. It owns more than 10000 square meters factory for VR production and assembly.

SKYFUN own a strong R & D department and has got lots of invention patents utility model patents appearances patents software copyrights and export. It pays more attention to product quality model design and content creation.

For ten years SKYFUN has always focused on our indie application and production of VR equipment and amusement rides, our main products include 9D egg cinema, 360-degree King Kong, Godzilla VR. All products are fully inspected from raw materials accessories assembly inspection and testing especially the 72 hours uninterrupted life cycle test before shipment.

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