60° up and down swing

In addition to the 360° rotation, it can also swing up and down 60°, and allow players to have the most powerful realism sense from the auditory, visual, tactile, as exposure to the movies, through environmental simulation to have wind, air jet, leg touch, back poke, vibration environmental effects, so that to can enjoy the experience of gravity, vibration, wind, leg sweep and other new real feelings, immersive and fun.

3D Stereo Hi-Fi

Strong Bass and Excellent Sound Insulation Effect

Steel Base

Loading capacity: 500Kg, Keep safe and stable all the time

Game Joystick

With the game joystick, you can play interactive games

Food Trap

Keep your feet steady when the simulator rotating 360°.

Seat Belt

Keep you safe while enjoying VR movies and games.

Pico VR Headset

Pico Wide angle VR headset comes in a lightweight and HD screen


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