1080° Iron Warrior VR

3 DOF VR Simulator

1080 Iron Warrior VR is a new model produced by SKYFUN VR team, it is the only one can 3 directions rotation VR machine in the market, offering the most exciting VR experience, you don’t need to go to the amusement park, still can enjoy the fun of roller coaster, big pendulum, the strong movement will let you enjoy the sense of weightlessness, 1080 degrees rotation VR will take you into a totally new virtual reality world, the most scared VR feeling that you never had!

Sparta Warrior Egg VR

Sparta Warrior Egg VR

9D VR, translated as dynamic experience virtual reality platform, it’s consist of VR glasses, dynamic platform, 9d films and control player, make the audience to have the most powerful realism sense from the auditory, visual , tactile, so that can enjoy the experience to fall, vibration and other new real feeling, immersive and fun. It consists of three revolutionary new products :Interactive cinema with 360° rotation function, Immerse Glasses, Breakthrough VR entertainment movies

Super Pendulum VR

Immersive virtual reality world

Super Pendulum VR is another new vr machine which developed by Skyfun company! Simulating the new vr game of the amusement park big pendulum design, the seat can not only swing up and down, but also can 360-degree rotation, which not only simulate the real big pendulum’s track, but also add more exciting fun experience.

MR Music Machine

MR  Music  Machine 

9D VR virtual reality experience is the best interpretation of panoramic, immersive and inter active experience. 9D VR will meet the aspirations of every person to experience the unknown field.9D VR experience platform,perfectly gather original films,flexible movement,a a variety of simulation effects and eye -catching appearance. Visitors can experience exposure to break the boundaries between story line ,surprise ,and enjoy so much as forgetting to leave.


Crazy 360° Vertical Rotating

KING KONG” VR Simulator is an all-in-one platform that delivers an interactive experience that is second to none. By combining the latest advancements in the immersive VR headset, motion cabin, and real-time 3D game engines, this VR Simulator delivers a high fidelity, low-latency experience with limitless potential.

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